Products to close pores

Wednesday ,17 November 2010 22:45:32 tag : products to close pores

Products to close pores. By various factors in the skin will dilate the pores making the skin look even, this may happen to have oily skin, combination, too much sun, age or lack of hygiene and adequate treatment among other things.

Fortunately there is a wide range of products to enhance the appearance of the dermis retracting the pores and providing a smooth and uniform appearance to the face.

It is necessary that once you have open pores wall specific products to counteract this problem, since otherwise be filled with dust, grease and dirt causing blackheads and pimples.

On the other hand, large pores make the facial skin is losing elasticity and becoming progressively enlarging more will go.

Products to close the pores:

   * Line Pond's balanced range-T, is indicated for combination skin so hydrated dermis with a light fluid and in turn contains a tonic astringent and cleansing gel.

   * Clinique Pore Minimizer line has its Instant Perfector, this product disguises pores and is applied before and after makeup. It complements other specific treatment to close pores.

   * La Mer refining facial features a marine ingredients, quartz powder and acid sludge with diamond dust. This scrub is removing the top layers of skin giving way to new.

   * The firm Biotherm line has its matt Biopur: Auto-Eau Instantanée Foaming and Touche, the first clean the skin and the other should be applied in problematic areas.

Nuxe Crème Fraîche offers, is a product that balances the dermis and shrinks pores.

   * Chanel has Masque Purete Express Précision mask closes the pores instantly and has a long duration.

   * Yves Saint Laurent has 6 products for this problem, which are scavengers and scrubs: Lacto Douceur makeup remover, makeup remover Tonique Eau, Mousse Clarté Express, Douce Hydratante Lotion, Lotion Éclat Matita and Grain Gommage Action Biologique Sans.

   * Clean & Clear has been specifically designed for oily skin problems, the brand has an exfoliating gel that cleanses the skin and a toner that closes pores.

Care to avoid large pores:

Cleanse your skin twice a day, to get up and at bedtime. Never go to bed with makeup on and try using an appropriate cleaner to your skin type.

Two to three times a week Become an exfoliation and apply a pore reducing mask.

Use astringent products only when necessary, do not abuse them because too much will dry your skin and make it appear aged.

Before applying your foundation use a lotion to close your pores so that the make up does not penetrate them.

During the day using solar factor products to avoid sun exposure further dilate your pores.