Remove Blackheads Mask - Shiseido Black Mask

Saturday ,19 June 2010 09:15:37 tag : remove blackheads mask,shiseido black mask
Shiseido black mask contains an effective fight against skin aging and pigmentation of the unique components. LAG Revitalizer, can rapidly penetrate muscles basal layer, to effectively help the skin retain water and nutrients, can improve dark spots, freckles, acne, rough pores, reduce facial fine lines, promote collagen regeneration of the skin itself, so that elastic recovery, the skin delicate and touching.
Effective on acne skin play a significant effect, can penetrate the skin
And fast to blackhead uprooted and contraction of large pores
Shiseido black mask This peel-off black whitening pack achieves a whitening effect by continuing to deliver active ingredients deep into the keratin layer while simultaneously removing keratotic plugs (comedo), melanin and old keratin that contribute to dark pores. 
Eliminates the causes of a dull complexion and maintains pure, white and clear translucency. Also contributes to smoother skin. Formulated with black nano-powder that readily disperses on the skin. It adheres closely, as if bonding with the skin, thanks to its excellent film-forming power, fast drying and airtightness. 
It soothes skin suffering from the effects of fatigue and contributes to comfortable firmness and even smoothness. Formulated with five Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts, including wormwood extract and goldthread extracts.